Chaim Silberstein, BA, MBA, CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP-F, SCOR-P, CLTD-F, Jonah, OAS
APICS Master Instructor CPIM, CSCP and Instructor Development.

Chaim is the president of C.S. Consulting Associates Inc. a Toronto based consulting firm specializing in providing SCM education, consulting and fitness services.

He is a globally acknowledged expert and educator in the field of supply chain management (SCM) and has been conducting seminars and education programs and is a frequent speaker for various conferences, APICS chapters, corporations and educational institutions around the globe.

Chaim possesses a unique combination of hands-on and consulting experience that enables him to provide value added assistance to his clients not only with the principles and techniques but also with the practical application and implementation.

He has educated and helped transform many companies and improved their operations efficiencies and bottom line.