The APICS Toronto Chapter was formed in 1961 and we serve the supply chain and operations management community within the greater Toronto area.
The Board of Directors is a volunteer-based group of individuals who conducts the business of the Toronto Chapter.

What’s in it for you as a volunteer:
• Be part of a group of professionals who administer all aspects of the Chapter business.
• Network and engage with the BOD and the Toronto Chapter members
• Step out of your comfort zone and work on something different than your everyday role.
• Be the face of the Toronto Chapter to its members.

What do you get out of it:
• Volunteer with the Board of Directors and gain board experience
• Give Back to the Community
• Share your Expertise
• Share your Passion
• Be a part of something larger than yourself
• If during the fiscal year and in advance of the Annual General Meeting, the Chapter BOD deems it necessary a board volunteer may be elected as a Director (Elect) during the Chapter fiscal year if the volunteer has contributed to the Chapter business and attended BOD meetings and events on a regular basis

Time Commitment:
• The individual has to attend one Board meeting per month, and are expected to attend the Chapter’s Evening and and Community events and/or other events and meeting(s). Including these meetings and the addition of e-mails and telephone conversations, each prospective volunteer must be prepared to commit a minimum of 15-20 hours per month to Chapter meetings and activities.

This is a volunteer position and receives no paid compensation or reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for attendance at local board meetings. You have to be an APICS member in good standing.

Please download and submit this FORM (or click here to download form in MS Word) to the APICS Toronto Chapter President, at [email protected].