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Why You Should Do BSCM Now!

What’s in it for You?

Students save money

  • Get $100 off the new CPIM Part 2 exam when you purchase the BSCM exam by August 31 and take the BSCM exam by October 31, 2017. ($100 off expires July 31, 2018).
  • The current BSCM exam costs less than the new Part 1 exam. If you wait to take Part 1, you will also need to purchase new study materials. Members can save a minimum of $585 if they do the exam now.

Students save time

  • Shorter exam time - only 3 hours with 105 questions rather than 3.5 hours with 150 questions for Part 1.
  • If candidates take the BSCM exam now, they will only need Part 2 to become certified.

One step closer to becoming a CPIM.