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Virtual Yellow Belt Certification Course (2 Days)

December 12, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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December 13, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Virtual Yellow Belt Certification Course – Two days

Course Dates & Times:
December 12th & 13th, 2020 (8:00 am–5:00 pm EDT)

APICS Toronto Members: $350 + HST
Non-Members: $430 + HST

Certification of Maintenance: 16.0 points

Organizations across all the sectors expect their SCM professionals to:

  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Delivery Times
  • Enhance Customer and Employee morale
  • Improve Safety and Security of the product
  • Reduce the Carbon footprint

In Lean, all these expectations are known as KPIs or Key Performance indicators.  Waste, Inefficiencies, Roadblocks, Bottlenecks, and Problems emerge every day that negatively affect day to day operations and KPIs. With the help of Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and Kanban Thinking, SCM professionals can create a robust structure of Daily Management, and they will be able to engage their staff in bringing all the Waste to the surface. Once they find "Waste" in the day to day operations, they will be able to apply various Lean tools, Principles, Methodologies to remove it.


Develop Lean Leaders who can engage their "People" to improve "Processes," achieve "Purpose," and improve the organization's bottom-line. LEAN is Toyota Production System, and together with Motorola's Six Sigma, these certifications are in high demand in all sectors, manufacturing, healthcare, service, and public service.

Trainees will learn about "Lean Six Sigma Basics," "Lean Waste," "Variation," "Lean Daily Management," "House of Toyota," "7 QC Tools," "Lean or Kaizen Event methodology," and get an overview of "Six Sigma- DMAIC or HONDA A3 Problem Solving thinking".

Training overview:

  • Lean Basics
  • History, 3 Ps of Lean, Purpose, People, and Process
  • Value and Waste (Non-Value-Added Work and Inefficiencies)
  • Lean 9 Waste
  • Muda, Mura & Muri
  • Online Game or Simulation (Round 1 and 2)
  • Lean Management and Philosophies- 5 Principles of Lean, House of Toyota (Standardization, JIT, Jidoka, Kaizen and Respect for People)
  • Basic Statistics (Measure of Central Tendency)
  • Introduction to Six Sigma- History, Basics, and Variation
  • Difference between Lean and Six Sigma
  • 7 QC Tools, also known as 7 Samurais- Pareto, Process Map, Fishbone, Check Sheet, Histogram, Control Chart, and Scatter Diagram
  • Overview of Toyota or Honda A3 Problem Solving and similarities with Six Sigma DMAIC (Define – Measure- Analyze- Improve- Control) cycle
  • Lean or Kaizen Event Methodology applied to Trainee's Processes
  • An Open book exam
  • Get Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Requirements & Training Details:

It is beneficial to attend the White Belt session but is not a must. No previous Lean training or experience is required.

For Yellow Belt, you must complete some homework before and in the classroom, answer numerous quizzes, and complete fun-filled individual and group exercises. There is no need to complete the project after the course and no need to complete any project for certification.

The Trainer only wants you to bring one medium-size process from your current or past job. You are also welcome without a problem or a process as you will be able to work in groups on other trainee's processes. We have planned numerous group exercises in the virtual classroom to engage you. You will be able to apply Lean Six Sigma principles, Lean philosophies, methodologies, and tools in your processes, through experiential exercises that we have designed for easy learning and faster adoption.

We will use numerous online tools to make your training engaging and fun-filled. Three to four days ahead of the session, we will send you downloadable links, instructions, and videos. The tools that you will be using are as follows:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Basic Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft White Board
  • Zoom, Skype and Cisco, useful to have for subgroup exercises and chats
  • Apps- Kahoot, Trello & Survey Monkey
  • YouTube
  • Important – You must have a PC or Mac with all the necessary essential software that we use daily. The Trainer or APICS will not be responsible for any basic software cost.

To earn your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, you will have to complete the following:

  1. Four hours of pre-work (Trainer will send the pre-work four days ahead of the training)
  2. Eight hours of Day 1 training
  3. Four hours of homework in between Day 1 and Day 2, apply lessons from Day 1 in your workplace
  4. Eight hours of Day 2 training and an open book test

Charanjit Singh Bawa PMP, Black Belt and Change Agent

CJ is a passionate, results-driven, and enthusiastic Lean Six Sigma trainer and public speaker with over 26 years of experience in transforming professionals and organizations. CJ's experience includes working for large private automobile organizations like Honda, Daewoo, and in the public sector with the City of Mississauga. He conducts open courses every month, and his coaching classes range from Lean Six Sigma White, Yellow, Green, and topics on Leadership, Change, and Project Management.

CJ is a regular guest speaker for several professional associations:
⦁ ASQ, American Society for Quality (Toronto, Kitchener, and London)
⦁ APICS, Association for Supply Chain (Toronto, Peel and London)
⦁ OACETT (Ontario Association of Technicians & Technologists)
⦁ Logistics Institute
⦁ PMI, Project Management Institute (Lakeshore, Hamilton & Durham)

⦁ Certified ADKAR Change management professional from PROSCI USA
⦁ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ USA
⦁ Project Management Professional, PMP from PMI USA
⦁ Certified Facilitator from ICA Associates, Canada
⦁ Certified Microsoft Data Analysis, India
⦁ Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Automotive, India
⦁ Certified in MOST, Maynard Operation Sequence Techniques-Time & Motion studies from Accenture USA


$350.00 APICS Toronto Members: $350.00 (+13% HST)

$430.00 Non Members and Guests: $430.00 (+13% HST)