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Virtual White Belt Certification Course

January 31, 2021
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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Virtual Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on team-based problem solving or process improvements, to improve the organization's performance by removing waste, inefficiencies, roadblocks, and bottlenecks and by reducing variation. It combines Lean (Toyota Production System) and Six Sigma (Motorola) continuous improvement methodologies. Lean Six Sigma is in high demand across all the sectors, especially in healthcare, service, and public service. All organizations are looking for Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

DATE: Sunday January 31st, 2021
TIME: 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Eastern)
The trainer will be available online from 12:30 PM to ensure that trainees do not have any trouble signing in

APICS Toronto Members: $55 + HST
Non-Members: $75 + HST

Certification of Maintenance: 4.0 points

Organizations across all sectors expect their SCM Professionals to:
• Improve Quality
• Reduce Cost
• Reduce Delivery Times
• Enhance Customer and Employee morale
• Improve Safety and Security of the product
• Reduce the Carbon footprint

In Lean, all these expectations are known as KPIs or Key Performance indicators. Waste, Inefficiencies, Roadblocks, Bottlenecks, and Problems emerge every day that negatively affects day to day operations and KPIs. With the help of Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and Kanban Thinking, SCM professionals can create a robust structure of LEAN Daily Management, and they will be able to engage their staff in bringing all the Waste to the surface. Once they find "Waste" in the day to day operations, they can motivate their teams to make daily small process improvements.


Develop professionals who understand the meaning of "Value," "Variation," and "Waste." This training will teach you to "find waste" and make daily "small process improvements."

Note For White Belt, there is no homework, and you will do some classroom exercises and answer some quiz questions on a fun-filled online tool, KAHOOT!

Requirements & Training Details:

No previous Lean Six Sigma training or experience is required.

We will use numerous online tools to make your training engaging and fun-filled. The tools that you will be using are as follows:
• Microsoft Teams
• Basic Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Microsoft White Board
• Apps- Kahoot, Trello, Survey Monkey
• YouTube

Important You must have a PC or Mac with all the necessary essential software that we use daily. The trainer or APICS will not be paying for any essential software cost.

Who: Trainees from every sector, every organization is welcome, no previous experience with Lean is required

How: To Earn your Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification, you will have to complete the following:
• Please choose a small to medium size process, a process that you will like to improve and use for exercises in the classroom
• Attend this 4-hour training session and participate in all the fun-filled activities
• Answer quizzes on Kahoot and have fun

Training overview:
• Lean Basics
• Six Sigma Basics
• History
• 3 P's of Lean – Purpose, People and Process
• Trainees to apply all the lessons in their chosen Process
• Process Mapping
• Meaning of Value and Waste
• Waste = Non Value Added Work But Required and Inefficiencies
• Lean 9 Waste
• Six Sigma Variation Exercise
• Kaizen and Small Improvement or Kaizen Form
• Online Game or Simulation (Round 1 and 2)
• Closure and Feedback


$55.00 APICS Toronto Members: $55.00 (+13% HST)

$75.00 Non Members and Guests: $75.00 (+13% HST)